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Handbook on provisions and options for trade in times of crisis and pandemic
The content under key issue areas provided by the first version of Legal TINA is substantively derived from this Handbook. ESCAP continues the work on expanding the coverage of Legal TINA and updating the substantive content built upon this Handbook.

User guide and explanatory note

The purpose of this guide is to narrate how to use Legal TINA (Trade Intelligence and Negotiation Adviser), developed by the Trade Policy and Facilitation Section of Trade, Investment and Innovation Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

Legal TINA is an extension of the original TINA, providing guidance and analytical capabilities to develop the text and legal provisions of trade agreements. It allows users to explore the basic legal framework of trade agreements through questions on specific trade-related issues, helping negotiators to narrow down formulation of provisions based on priorities and needs. It also enables users to easily search and compare texts of existing trade agreements, making it easier to understand what text may be most acceptable to negotiating parties involved and what more ambitious provisions may be proposed.

Handbook on provisions and options for inclusive and sustainable development in trade agreements

This handbook provides substantive inputs for the content of relevant sustainable development issue areas

The World Bank Deep Trade Agreements database:

This database provides detailed information on the content of a sub-sample of eighteen policy areas most frequently covered in a set of 400 agreements currently notified to the WTO between 1958 and 2023. For each agreement, the database covers the stated objectives and substantive commitments, as well as aspects relating to transparency, procedures and enforcement. This database represents the most comprehensive effort in terms of the coverage of policy areas and the granularity of information within each area.


The TAPED (Trade Agreement Provisions on Electronic-commerce and Data) dataset, a dataset on data-related trade provisions, seeks to comprehensively trace developments in the area of digital trade governance. The dataset includes a detailed mapping and coding of all preferential trade agreements (PTAs) that cover chapters, provisions, annexes and side documents that directly or indirectly regulate digital trade.

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